Sported Funding Bulletin

Securing funding can be complicated – we’ll help you navigate the process.

Sported’s team will streamline the process of generating income and help you identify and attract the funding you need to deliver priceless opportunities for young people.

It can feel complicated. We’ll put you at ease, with member support and tailored fundraising resources that back you every step of the way.

Demonstrating your impact can boost your cause. With our easy-to-use measurement tools, we’ll help you explain the incredible difference you make within your communities and why others should invest in your success.

Our own programmes and partnerships can help too.

And with additional backing available from our Volunteer Consultants, Sported can steer you safely through application processes to help you secure streams of income that allow you to plan for the future – and to achieve even more.

There are lots of funds available that may be suitable for your group.

We will be regularly updating these pages to reflect the latest ones so that you don't have to wait for your monthly Funding Bulletin email.

You can also find a list of other places to look for funding here.