Becoming more inclusive

Get help to do more with Sported.

Are you inclusive? Or are you missing out on new members and priceless opportunities to give more young people a positive start through sport? We’ll help you remove the barriers, be more accessible, and widen the net with confidence.

Our exclusive programmes help sports clubs and physical activity groups through the UK to reach out and rise up, breaking down barriers and providing the support needed to deliver for young people.

We’ll help you address the needs of your community through Sported’s own dedicated schemes. Like our Include project which shows how simple it is to make your group more accessible and inclusive with the right mentoring and planning.

As part of Sported’s team, we’ll give you support you won’t find anywhere else - unlocking the full potential of what you offer.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

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At Sported, one of our key objectives is to support our members in becoming more inclusive and enabling every young person to thrive. We understand that there are multiple barriers to young people taking part in sport and physical activity and want to provide a platform for members to access support, guidance, and expertise. Our in-house EDI team are currently working on these pages to bring you the most up to date and relevant information. We have outlined our commitment on our webpages and in the coming months will have a suite of resources around Race equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, disability and many other topics.

You can find some useful checklists and templates from the Sports Councils' Moving to Equality pages.