Measuring your capacity

Not sure where you start? Assess your organisation to determine areas for growth and support.

To help you think about what you need to build a sustainable organisation, we’ve developed the Sported Capacity Measurement Tool. This identifies the key elements a community club or group should have in place to ensure sustainability. 

capacity frisbee.png

The five core areas are: 

  1. Embedded in Community
  2. Human Resources
  3. Resources to deliver
  4. Mission & Structure
  5. Sound finances

Each core area is made up of four sections. 

This breaks the various areas down in to manageable chunks and gives you a way to "measure" how your group is doing.

Interested in building a complete picture of where your group is? The Game Plan is a tool to help you do this, get a report card, and work with a Sported volunteer to build a development plan.

Not sure where to start? Book a Kick Start; a one-off conversation with a volunteer, and let them help you identify next steps.