21 May 2021
Looking to develop your group but aren’t sure where to start? Get a Kickstart!

Kickstart is a one-off conversation with a Sported volunteer.

They will explore your group’s strengths and needs with you. This information will be used to identify how to best support you moving forward.

Take 2 minutes to complete this form and a member of our Volunteer Services team will be in touch shortly after to confirm.

Before we start the process of matching you to a volunteer, please read the following statement carefully before agreeing and submitting:

Sported volunteers use their skills and experiences to provide information to assist members in a particular area. It is the recipients responsibility to verify the accuracy of this information before acting on this and does not constitute professional advice.

As Sported’s Kickstart service is supported by volunteers who generously provide their skills and time without charge, by agreeing to the statement below you are also confirming your intention to engage with this support and with the Sported volunteer allocated to you.

This includes responsibility to:

  • only use personal data for the purposes intended, not share the data, and to store it securely
  • maintain regular communication with your Sported volunteer and with Sported
  • advise Sported and your Sported volunteer as soon as possible if your circumstances change in a way that would affect the support (e.g. if you are unable to continue with the process)
  • be open, honest and transparent with all information required for the process to be effective
  • keep all information discussed confidential unless otherwise stated by law
  • complete the actions you’ve taken on within the time-frame you’ve agreed

This is not a contract and is not legally binding


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