Your people

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Your staff and volunteer workforce

Your group relies on its people to keep it running, whether you have an entirely volunteer workforce or some paid staff, find the resources you need to help you keep the wheels turning.

You can also talk to our experienced volunteers for one to one support with your people.



Choosing your team to get the right people working with your young people is important to get right. Take a look through these resources to help you plan and recruit the best people for your group.
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Many organisations are run mainly or entirely by volunteers. Finding, keeping and managing those volunteers can be a challenge. Take a look at these resources to help you get the right help from the right people.
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Running a sports group requires a calm head and a good grasp of how to lead. Sported have produced a range of resources, including a series of leadership videos and regularly run leadership skills webinars.

Offers and discounts

As a Sported member, you have access to some great benefits, check out these links to some partner organisations with free access to Groop and Do IT.
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Your community

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