Volunteer support

Need support? We’ve an expert who can help

Sported’s local teams across the UK offer one-to-one support to help your group navigate challenges and deliver for young people – and your community.

We’ll find the right resources to meet your needs – with specialised help available.

Our Volunteer Consultants are successful business professionals, drawn from a range of industries, backgrounds and lived experiences.

At no cost to you, they inject their knowledge and specific expertise into groups by working with staff and leaders to identify issues and support your decision making to find the right solutions.

We can find the right person to help you deal with operational challenges in areas such as Finance, Income Generation, Marketing and Recruitment.

Or to take a strategic look across Impact Measurement, Business Planning or Governance.

Our Volunteer Consultants will learn about your requirements and agree a plan of action which helps your organisation become more effective and sustainable – assisted by long-term support from Sported.

Find out more below:

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Different kinds of support available:

Kick Start

Not sure what support you need? Have a one-off conversation with a volunteer and let them help you identify next steps.

Funding application review

Sported volunteers are available to review funding applications and give you feedback.

Provide us with the draft a minimum of 10 working days prior to the deadline to allow us to find the most appropriate volunteer and ensure they have sufficient time to provide quality feedback and allow you time to make adjustments.

Request a funding application review here

Short Term support

Have a question that needs answering now or support that could be dealt with in a few emails or phone calls?

Some recent examples include:

  • Look over a strategy or draft business plan
  • Advising on social media strategy for bringing participants back post lockdown
  • Reviewing your policies and procedures
  • Putting together a cash flow forecast

Long Term support

Need longer term, in-depth support?

We will match you with a volunteer to work with you over 6-12 months to help you  to think about long-term development planning, your capacity and sustainability.

Contact your local Sported team to discuss.

Leadership Coaching

We are fortunate to have volunteers who are leadership coaches and can help you with specific issues around leading an organisation and support you in your personal development in this area.


Our Start-ups programme is specifically designed for new groups and individuals who are either in their early stage of development or just beginning their Sport for Development journey.