Bespoke funding reports

Looking for funding for something specific?

Not found what you need in the most recent Funding Bulletin?

Knowing the right funds for you and which funds are available, can be very difficult. Let us make it a little easier for you.

There are online free (and paid for) search engines available here.

We can do a bespoke search for you using Grant Advisor. This database searches over 4,000 funds and providers to help you find a fund to suit your needs.

The amount of funds vary based on what you are hoping to use the funding for (some funds are harder to source than others), but we will do our best to help.

* Please note that we will only be able to source funds that relate to your activities with 11-25 year olds under the Sport for Development umbrella.

You can also find lots of help, advice, templates and how-to guides on the Hub learning fundraising pages.